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The Centre for Fine Arts

Brussels, City of Art and History Nr 63 The Centre for Fine Arts
The Centre for Fine Arts

As soon as it opened in 1928, the Centre for Fine Arts became a major cultural venue in Brussels. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of artistic activities, it quickly extended its influence beyond the local level to attain a global reputation for high-quality events, thanks to its dynamic and ambitious programming.
The original idea of building a "temple of the arts" in Brussels became a reality in the years following the First World War. Renowned architect Victor Horta was tasked with bringing this ambitious concept to life by developing an architecture programme that was both spatially and technically complex. A veritable city within the city, the design and construction of the Centre for Fine Arts had to contend with the multiple constraints, of the building site. Today, the listed building’s ingenuity is still much admired.

Number 63 in the collection pays tribute to this edifice conceived almost 100 years ago. After a painstaking restoration and modernisation to enable it to meet contemporary challenges, it now once again a harmonious blend of architecture, technical infrastructure and cultural programming

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Bruxelles, Ville d'Art et d'Histoire



Anne-Marie Pirlot Iwan Strauven



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